Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our 2015 readership/membership survey. We had almost 250 respondents.

The majority of respondents were in NSW, Vic and QLD, but 10% of people answering the survey were from another country, which is great!

  • 54% of respondents were pump users, compared to 36% on MDI and 9% on syringes or a combination.
  • We’re actually quite old, it seems 😉 81% of respondents are aged 36 or over! So definitely not just the network for ‘young adults’ any longer.
Answer Choices – Responses –
Under 18 1.65%
18-25 1.24%
26-35 14.88%
36-45 31.82%
46-55 22.73%
Over 55 26.45%
Rather not say 1.24%


Lots of respondents are connected with us in multiple ways, which is FABULOUS:

  • Facebook:  47%
  • Twitter:  3%
  • Website:  16%
  • Reality Check Forum user:  34%
  • Forum lurker:  12%
  • Yada Yada newsletter:  73%


Favourite types of content from our respondents are scientific research, humour, and resources (websites, apps, products). However, there were also some great suggestions in the free-text responses. Here are just a few:

  • Pregnancy threads for info; general good/bad stories about T1;
  • More on how ‘alternative and complimentary’ approaches can help, alongside our conventional strategies.
  • How to manage exercise. Specific details.
  • I would like to see more stories about the negative realities of T1 diabetes and how people have overcome these. I would like to feel less alone in struggling with these.
  • Product reviews by people with type 1
  • Other info about those still coping with longterm problems about Type 1.
  • There needs to be stuff for regional and remote areas. I live a long way from any capital cities the closest being a 10 hour drive. Would be good to have a place for people to talk about things that only people in the bush would understand.
  • I don’t like reading about inspirational people as it makes me feel bad about myself that I’m just an ordinary person living with my diabetes.
  • I would like to see articles and info on the issues relating to people who do not have support from their family or friends with their type 1 diabetes, the never acknowledged issues of those that battle alone.
  • Food and diet ideas would be good.
  • Recommendations to selected overseas websites.
  • I would like to see information about handling emergency situations.
  • It’s a personal thing, but I dislike reading about theoretical/very early stage ‘cures’ for diabetes. They’ve been telling me one is coming in 5 years for 25 years now! If it makes it to a stage III human trial I’m interested; if not it’s just not relevant.
  • Lobbying for Govt awareness and funding for T1D, cure, rebates for CGMs, and perhaps a name change so T1D is identified as an urgent issue so we can see a cure in our lifetime…
  • I love scientific up dates, but would like them when they are further along in their research. It gets very disheartening when you see new things that sound great but never materialise .
  • May we have some info about dealing with and curing debilitating hypo hangovers, please?


** DID YOU KNOW we’ve got a place where you can talk to others about the issues you’re facing, such as pregnancy, living in remote areas, living with type 1 long-term, or managing alone? It’s our online forum, Reality Check, at You can go there to ask specific questions, chat with others going through similar experiences, or just read previous conversations to see what other people have been through. One of the things people often say when they discover the forum is how wonderful it feels to know they’re not alone.

Also, specifically for parents of children with type 1, we have a closed group on Facebook called Munted Pancreas. If you’re interested, just search for Munted Pancreas and ask to join.

We got lots of lovely feedback about our newsletter, Yada Yada, so will be trying really hard to get back to sending it more frequently. If you’re not on the list to receive it, you can subscribe here on the website!