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  • T1DN in emerging adults – regional Victoria

    What is it like to be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during the early adult years in regional Victoria? What are the challenges in learning to manage Diabetes during these years, while studying, entering the workforce and exploring new social networks? This study is interested in your perspective, to inform diabetes care, education and support […]
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  • Our readership and membership survey for 2015

    Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our 2015 readership/membership survey. We had almost 250 respondents. The majority of respondents were in NSW, Vic and QLD, but 10% of people answering the survey were from another country, which is great! 54% of respondents were pump users, compared to 36% on MDI and 9% on […]
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  • We’re making a list! (and checking it twice)

    Do you know a health professional who really GETS type 1? Someone you’d recommend to other type 1s? If so, please let us know! It doesn’t have to be someone who specialises in type 1 (like an endocrinologist or DE) – it could be a GP, a dietitian, a dentist, a physio, anyone whom you’ve […]
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